Kishoth Navaretnarajah

Peace Builder | Youth Leader | Community Hero | Social Entrepreneurship Trainer

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Kishoth Navaretnarajah is Peace Builder, Youth Leader, Social Entrepreneurship Trainer and Social Engineer with 3 yeas of Experience

He founded 3 Startups and Social Organisations in the sector of Education, Sustainability and Innovation in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka

He Worked in 2 Social Enterprise Start-up in Social Engineering, Community and Peace Buliding in Batticaloa Sri Lanka

He is currently working as Director at DreamSpace Academy

My Experience

  • Head of Projects

    Sagacious Youth Lead Consortium, Sri Lanka
  • Associate Consultant / Design Strategies

    DreamSpace Terrace, Batticaloa
  • Social Entrepreneurship Trainer

    DreamSpace Academy – Community Innovation Centre, Batticaloa
  • Team Leader

    Sagacious Youth Lead Consortium, Sri Lanka
  • Youth Leader

    Youth for Love and Life Initiative
  • Community Hero

    BookBridge – Collaborative Learning Space, Batticaloa
  • Youth and Peace Coordinator

    United Nations Volunteers, Peace-building Fund, Sri Lanka
  • Project Assistant for Finance

    World Bank funded HETC Project, Eastern University, Sri Lanka
  • Casual Trainee

    Area Office, Bank of Ceylon, Batticaloa

My Education

  • Higher National Diploma in Information Technology

    Advance Technological Institute, SLIATE, Batticaloa.
  • Diploma in Computerized Accounting

    Esoft Campus, Batticaloa.
  • Peace building and Non Violent Communication Training

    Work Bank Group, Washington D.C.
  • eLearning Course - Energy Sector Strategies to Support Green Growth

    Peace and Community Action and OpenEdge – Transforming Conflict, UK
  • Certificate Programme in Public Procurement

    The World Bank Group
  • Diploma in Information Technology

    British College of Applied Studies [BCAS] – Batticaloa Campus.
  • G.C.E (Advance Level) in New Syllabus

    Bt/Shivanada Vidyalaya National School, Batticaloa
  • G.C.E (Ordinary Level)

    Bt/Shivanada Vidyalaya National School, Batticaloa

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